Friday, November 18, 2011

Here's to Infinite Speech

(Danielle Quina, Occupy Fort Myers)
 In downtown Fort Myers, most of Occupy Fort Myers had already left for their new encampment location at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Daniels Road.  Several protestors were still at the Old Federal Courthouse where they'd spent one night after being driven by police from Centennial Park under threat of arrest and the confiscation of their property.  These remaining few were charged with watching over supplies awaiting the return of moving trucks. One man, not necessarily part of OFM, became incredibly agitated, claiming his bag was missing.
"I'm going out of my mind," he screamed. Police took him aside while several bystanders suggested he needed to be "Baker Acted."
Danielle Quina, who has been a part of OFM from the beginning, was lying on the ground, feeling unwell, sleep deprived, holding the sign in the photo above. "I got about 4 hours," she said. A passerby, who appeared intoxicated, proclaimed she felt that the Occupiers had no gratitude. "Try living in England, and you'll see how good you have it," she spat, marching off indignantly. Several news vans were present, and Quina made small talk with a reporter.One of the policemen came over and made a rare display of police curiosity, though it was tinged with skepticism.