Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prospects for a Christian nation

Dominionism. Know what it is.
Many voters might be blissfully unaware of what set of ideas they are really voting for if and when they vote for Rick Perry. This man's mind is a marvelous assortment of outdated, off-the-wall, absurd, ill-informed and ultra-religious inanities and hypocrisies all strung together as if to decorate a parade float in Hell.
This is not to say he hasn't made a show to cater to the fundamentalists.  It's just that somehow there's a sort of tacit agreement that it's ok to propound these faith utterances and, at the same time, not dwell on them too seriously.  The important thing is they allow for less corporate regulation which leads to campaign contributions and the gathering of votes by a show of allegiance to Christian values.
In the meanwhile, our fearless leader is basically paving the way to said Hell with good intentions as he is forced to cater to the ideas of the Tea Party. The debt deal has done its treacherous work. The Tea Party basically succeeded in pouring sugar into the tank in order to cast doubt on the driver who conceded to said sugar-pouring after the car was doused in gasoline and a gaggle of idiots with matchbooks started dancing around it and shouting "Burn, baby, burn."
Ever hear how nature abhors a vacuum?
Well, the point of these far right wing antics is to basically destroy the government of the United States of America. What is desired is a shell government that merely enforces the interests of the wealthy elite, and pursues endless wars, under the guises of national security and the need for law and order. The Tea Party and its adherents are against social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance and the right to health care. Falling mainly upon the argument that such programs promote laziness and lead to weakness, and a host of parasitic godless citizens, they instead want to let big business run the whole show with no governmental "interference." This will somehow create a utopia in which your employer runs every aspect on your life, and you have no one to turn to if treated unfairly, exploited or maimed or killed on the job while corporations suck all the resources out of the Earth destroying it in the process because that's what God meant to say in Genesis.
So, just what will fill the void left behind by the shrunken government? It will be big business with the backing of the churches. You see, the churches and big business have found a common enemy in the government. Only in the demise of social programs can Jesus find His way into your heart and the rest of your life.
If you want to see this message being promoted in a local church go here (notice the brainwashed children so proudly on display who have been threatened with eternal Hellfire). The pastor will be glad to inform you that you don't need social security because Jesus is the answer all while taking your tax-free donations from you. Clergymen knock the rule of law and are then allowed to open Board of County Commissioner meetings with a prayer.
Acting under the guidance of an invisible, magical ghost in the machinery of the universe that they sometimes call Jehovah, psycho-Christians have taken over the so-called Grand Old Party (it'll be a grand old party when we all die) and have positioned a mediocre student and faith-based hypocrite, Rick Perry, with lots of corporate-backing to be in the running for President in the 2012 election.
They've also managed to get Michele Bachmann in position to make him look like the more rational selection (granted, he may be since one can doubt his sincerity).
This despite the fact that Rick Perry has claimed that global warming has been politicized by scientists simply seeking to enrich themselves with scare tactics.
OK, then.
Apparently, politicians are sometimes so confident in their abilities to have opinions on matters of which they have no understanding, that they make these claims which often incur the hearty backing of corporate sponsors. If they are looking for a conspiracy among scientists it behooves them to look here. Psychologists have a word for people who consider themselves experts in things of which they are ignorant, it's called narcissism. They also have the charming quality of being completely unconcerned with the needs and interests of others.
Meanwhile, Bachmann has recently visited Florida to inform us that she'd like to begin drilling for oil in the Everglades.  Apparently, believers think God created all this immense natural beauty just so it could be destroyed for corporate profit.
If you think our governor is any less whacky, think again.  Again, it's ok he's just being Christian.  It doesn't really mean anything, does it?
Evolution bless and protect us all.
If you think the United States was founded as Christian nation consider the fact that the word God does not appear in the Constitution.  Also, consider quotes by the founding fathers here.