Friday, August 26, 2011

Nation, State Full of Optimism, Joy and Good Will

By Carl-John X Veraja
If one thing is always certain, it's change. And the times are a-changing in unprecedented ways.
Apparently, the population has caught on that the President and the Congress are basically doing them no favors. Congress has an all-time high for a disapproval rating and the President is not admired by half of the country. The Republican Party, however, wins the brunt of the hate apparently in part due to their affiliation with the Tea Party.
The Tea Party has disturbed the public so much they are actually hated more than atheists. In extra-religious America?
Discontent is swelling. Only a tiny portion of the country is pleased as punch with how things are going. Everyone else wants more change and perhaps hope.
Well, things are changing. Perception and perspective are askew. Almost everyone seems to have an opinion on what must be done next. And yet so few seem to be onto anything real. Spending cuts will not solve the economic woes. Tax increases won't hurt. But when are we going to plug the holes that allowed the recession to occur in the first place? What about the deregulation of the financial sector?
In the meantime, here in Florida, it turns out Rick Scott's urinal ploy against welfare has mostly backfired. As reality would have it hardly any of the welfare recipients are on drugs and now the state is doling out money for piss tests while succeeding in humiliating and putting poor people into a worse situation than they started out in by requiring they pony up the money for these tests.
Rick Scott has himself earned considerable disapproval. I see this continuing to mount into the future. He's among the least popular governors of all time. However, he became slightly less unpopular recently. Still only 9 percent of black voters like him.
Also, Jeb Bush is mentoring Scott on how to screw the middle class.
In other news, psycho-Christian Rick Perry is preparing the grounds for a Dominionist takeover of the United States. Apparently, Jesus hates science. Perry called evolution a theory "that's out there" despite millions of bits of evidence that back it up whereas the fact of the resurrection can't be disputed because the Bible says so. Perry's proven the immaculate conception in his lab as well.
Meanwhile, criticizing the views of the faithful who believe a big leprechaun in the sky created the universe and is on their side is being called bigotry by this idiot. We must respect people who doubt science and believe in magic, especially when it enables corporations to ignore the public interest. How convenient.