Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math Problems with Answers Upside-Down in the Back

By Carl-John X Veraja

Down is up,
dipped in blood
to take down Phaeton.

I am an animal.
And I am all.
Rain, sun, puddle, leaf:
faith without belief.
The evolution of dissolution.
How you live is how you are,
follow the urgent star,
that was urging before you came,
and should you die,
will urge, just the same.
What proof can you offer
for a soul?
A drawer of white socks,
and you're the hole.
One churning sea,
the wave is angry,
because of the churning?
Or because the wave?
Already, you received
that all you gave.
Fly into the ointment,
you'll love it best.
a poem is not an IQ test.
A prophecy: you will see,
a face in the sky,
a sign, that you have a face,
it is just self-erasing
chalk on the blackboard
of time on the fly.
And you're the crime?
A letter that isn't in the alphabet?
a prior eye
No?  Not yet scrawled
by a mad magician,
and a nurse, stitching
the incision in an operating
room full of graves humor
and clinical derision? There's
a lot of schooling for this,
somebody is bound to take the piss,
and the vinegar, when the body
is amiss.
Not even in the insulated wilderness
of the darkened mind, has
ever such a thing been divined.
Nobody else sounds like you do.
Leaving fingerprints in the ears of passersby--
voodoo. While graven seers
look on through shadows
that form into words,
shifting and sifting,
pachinko, into the herds.
And you're the one
to bloviate when
you should bleat? Welcome
to the vouched for,
gnawed raw teat--infected,
inflamed, gnarly...
but still,
a treat. Divide it
in equal allotments
among your comrades,
and all the sads
will become glads.
Yes, launch
a thousand ships
while you have a face,
yes, remember each
and every disgrace,
yes, go hold when it gets cot,
that's it, there,
you've spit the hot.
I am an animal.
And I am all.
In all things:
magic rings
slipping onto proposals
responding only
to your voice.
Now is when
you make the choice.
Magic is kind,
or it is cruel,
madness sees
love can withstand
the role of the fool,
hate wants
fearful forgiveness 
so it can go about
its business, madness
sees opportunities,
and makes a mess.
Are you feeling down?
Where does it all
sink to exactly?
When down, is the opening
of a door, suddenly,
an impossible chore?
Perhaps you should draw
a diagram first, so down
makes itself useful
in the practicing
of diagramming.
Now, perhaps go online
and see how the other
downers diagram their
lack of activity.
Yes. I like how you
wrote "fail" right
by the picture of the dead
(relative?) and, yes,
maybe it is the color
of the rug that is causing
all the fuss. Light it on fire?
No, no, no. This is what
we do. We start a business,
creating an app for that
diagramming of things
that are impossible
for the down to do.
Winning. The voice
of madness took hold
just when it was decided
to legislate lying
but (it was just a coincidence).
Are you feeling down?
Well, see here, now,
young human, spiders
also connect dots, but
we could be weaving
constellations, the flies
will get stuck in time (X flies),
to a beat, even better,
perhaps with an announcer:
*clowns appear on the screen chasing
geese around the geeese can barely
move because they've been force fed
concentrated animal fats then a number
appears 123,322,212 and then above it
I love the month of August
in Florida when people make haste, to get sick,
on the beach, discharges never cease,
industrial waste.
I find a green piece.
Wondering about whale numbers.
how can the blue whales be restored,
when I can't safely surfboard?
Too many people,
the Bill of Rights
says I can say this!
But if I do the bleating
gets louder!
Says I can shoot tyrants,
but I'm on a secret list!
Says I am not a set of data points!
I am an animal.
And I am all.
there's danger in your mouth
and danger in your eyes
and all the danger gets around
just like plague of flies
and the misfits make mischief
of your failed alibis
tra la la
(affected voice)
Oh, dream lover,
wherefore art thou,
wouldst thou milk
this fatted cow?
Oh my, a tragedy
hath struck.
Whereas now,
I am left without a fuck.
(gravely serious
as if telling children
to enter the chambers)
The tuth is legible
is you can read
upside-down and round
like a smile does
when its working out.
bonus points
Facial Muscles! Resist
that solid, indulgent pout!
*available until 1912
I am an animal.
And I am all.
I spring,
just so I can fall.

Rosy arrows in the sun.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Is War with ISIS a Big Oil Project?

Disney is in on it: I'm Not Kidding

By Carl-John X Veraja

A foreign invasion has already happened in America without your realizing it, one which threatens to destroy America. Already, it has wrought terrific effects on your health, minds, and democracy. I'm not talking about illegal immigrants , per se, or terrorist sleeper cells. I'm talking about multinational oil companies, and how they've bought out your polticians and the mainstream media, wrecked scientific debates, and directed monies that should be invested in your children's future into their pockets while America and the world face horrific consequences that could have been averted.

If you care anything about the future of this planet or this country, then divesting in fossil fuels should be foremost on your mind. As it is, a bill that would have limited corruption in your government was just shot down, and we can expect more of the same from our people-hating politicians. Foreign nations are free to buy into our political system and thereby direct the course of your nation. 

In Florida, an employee of a multinational with strong Saudi Arabian ties was named head of the Department of Energy. Since then, the doorway to acid fracking the Everglades was thrown open, and only reversed after months of protests and evidence of an overreach in abuses by the Dan A. Hughes Company.

Locally in Lee County, Florida Gulf Coast University has been used for green washing, and even has an employee positioned as a state representative pushing bills written by ALEC employees

It's been demonstrated that only direct action via protest, civil disobedience, and confronting politicians has been an effective response.  And yet, the mainstream media is still in on the act of polishing the turd that is the Koch brothers and Big Oil. A public backlash against the mainstream media may be in evidence, and one has to question why it is that President Obama and the Koch brothers seem to have the same agenda.

Could the latest "War" with ISIS be another ruse to misguide the public? Do you believe the reasons for war that have been generated for you?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Snowden: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a result of intelligence cooperation of three countries (Article Translation)

original source

Author shababek dated July 6, 2014 in News 6 comments
Readers Number: 2409


He revealed: "Edward Snowden," the former contractor with the National Security Agency that the latter, and in collaboration with the British Counterparts "MI6 and its" Institute for Intelligence and Special Task "Mossad paved the way for the emergence of the organization of the state of Iraq and the Levant" Daash "

The web site "The Andreasept" The Intercept, leaks about Snowden stresses cooperation intelligence services of three countries, "the United States, Britain and Israel" to create a terrorist organization Ghaderaly attract extremists from all over the world in one place and in the process symbolized by the "nest Aldaper."

Showed leaked documents from the National Security Agency that the recent implementation of an old British plan known as the "hornet's nest" for the protection of the Israeli entity provides for the establishment of Islamic slogans religion consists of a set of provisions which rejects any extremist ideology or another competitor.

According to documents Snowden, the only solution to protect the Jewish state lies in the creation of an enemy close to its borders, but his weapon is directed towards Islamic states reject its existence.

The leaks revealed "a Andreasept" said al-Baghdadi, underwent an intensive course lasted an entire year underwent military training at the hands of the Israeli Mossad elements in addition to receiving training in the art of public speaking and lessons learned in Alahot.

To the detection of eyewitnesses to the network "CNN" visitor who Nouri mosque in Mosul, where he gave a sermon Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to what appeared in the video, which was published previously, all communication stopped before the arrival of al-Baghdadi, about an hour.

The witnesses added that the convoy huge transfer "Caliph" to the mosque, which included a large number of cars SUV black armored along with a number of pickups fitted with heavy machine guns and other types of weapons, in addition to the SUV black with many of the wires and poles wireless believed they send a car to jam mobile phones

     July 6, 2014 at 13:11

     Wayne intelligence effort? Aqcefh a Amdhart

     My uncle Djibwa drone pilots determine the place and the place of each pig
     Hussein Mahdi Mikdadi
     July 6, 2014 at 15:53

     This story needs a machine that conferred Snowden because these are the same intelligence said so and if sapiens Maifam overtones of America and Alnatwa God does not help idiots,
     That Wahhabism has become a performance heavy and dull and youth who Atazavor starvation due to the policy of starvation followed by governments loyal to America and the West wants to hurling himself any other organization, and here appeared base and then breed to show us several names of all Tlahj the name of God which is the enemy of God and religion, and that Daash longer summary Zionist thought, and if you look at the sadistic and cruel way in the way of killing innocent people, then you know that Israel Zaala in this project.
     Kazem Mizel
     July 7, 2014 5:29 pm

     Terrorist organizations derive its work program from the State or Donor or organization must have and see this clearly through the program works Daash and the Baath Party, which is indiscriminate killing and all the cruelty and ferocity, and this method is not followed, but organizations Sephardic Jews who lived in Eastern Europe, they are the component of Khazar Jews, where the show in the form of humans, but their movement and their actions reveal that they are from another component is a component of humanity.
     Mohammed al-Araji
     July 7, 2014 7:55 pm

     Nothing new, everyone has become known as the size of the attack waged by the enemies of Islam and in particular against a household wherever they are in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Iran, Yemen, Malaysia, Egypt and the North African countries has disturbed the balance of the Saud Zionists Arabs after the rise of the Shiite and Iqbal lot of communities and people with efficiency and intellectuals on embrace the doctrine of the House when he unfolded the truth and began to people draw on the books that were prevented from reading and which illustrate the fact Madar after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (r) and how they were reneging on the Covenant Mohammadi forward Ali and the subsequent distortion in the Biography of Muhammadiyah and delude the people and control the Umayyad on the reins things after being appointed successors of three named them Mature and Mahm Brashidan but Zalin and Mazlan and bear the brunt of this nation .. this fact has become accessible to all, especially the Sunnis who Azlohm the length of this period .. therefore, we believe this blind terror, who wants to eradicate a household and moderate Sunnis who are living together ..'re going on this criminal named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Khalifa Rashid and give him sequence sixth on the grounds that Omar bin Abdul Aziz, the Umayyad caliph Al-Rashed fifth .. miserable for you and rang my idolaters Yamen did not believe in the Islam, but that the matter you have also said over the curse of God attic on the whole the Umayyad played Hashim King is not news came not revelation.
     Scar Baathist and Wahhabism
     July 7, 2014 at 11:04

     Said political analyst American channel Russian .rossia Aleom.ban Daash was established in 2006 at the hands of the CIA and the British, Israeli and support Gulf so as to bring down Iraq's Shiite government known friendship with Iran, the main enemy of the West and Alehud.oukd been trained forces Daash by officers of American and British camps in Jordan and Turkey.
     Faleh Hassan
     July 7, 2014 at 23:37

     Although that man knows that simple Daash and the Arab Spring and the base industry Zionism
     But recognition of the stocks information Fugitive Snowden has an impact of very
     Simply because he is a close non-negotiable
     What does it say Almtaya the Alnjesse and Damluji and Allawi excited Bdaash

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War: A Great Opportunity for the 1 Percent

It's odd going to war with a non-state when they've already stripped all of our rights away. What kind of prize could they be after this time? The 1 percent have beaten the sheeple into shape quite well. Now, it seems that the old tactics are backfiring on the mainstream media.

And remember, you can be legally lied to.

After 9/11 they instituted the Department of Homeland Security and put the middle class under permanent siege. The shakedowns never end. Irradiation is endless, whether before boarding, via cell phones, or from smart meters. Fracking was deregulated, allowing the quiet poisoning of groundwater. The police have been militarized, and rarely face penalties for murdering civilians, which they even film, and then teargas the public if they complain. Welcome to the land of the free, and what are you free to if not being an appendage of the interests of the 1 Percent.

Now, make-believe Al Qaeda isn't good enough? We need make-believe ISIS (ISIL)? Wikileaks documents reveal a Syrian connection.

What's the next phase of plan destroy the lower classes of the United States?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy False Flag Day, September 11

I declare this False Flag day for We the People.
Media events are staged and synchronized with State action.
Operation Mockingbird has eagle wings.
The CIA infiltrated the Presidency and all that followed was to fulfill the New World Order.
Obama is a trojan horse to fool the liberals into following their agenda.
The false flags have become increasingly obvious to teach you learned helplessness.

Baphomet Enters Isis

Isolation desolation on the grimy plate
of the Moon an image of an angry face,
cleanse me of this place, the oddness
is everywhere electronic despair,
eyes of Baphomet line the highways
and they're counting off your days,
Hail Isis, the ring opens forever,
the sound of marching reminds me
of the pulsing of never, this force
that entered into the tissue
of the brain it's evil eternal
unbeatable and insane, strings
of lies fall a ticker tape parade,
a body shape descending on
the bed where he was made,
lanterns carried by floating petals,
the glint of sunlight on heavy metals,
she said oppression and she was right
no one else would admit the sight,
details of tragedy made to order
the back and forth, then the slaughter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family of Fascists Makes a Black Sheep Pie

Everything is your fault
including your memories
of abuse, by default,
you are the targetted
individual in this DNA cult,
any complaints will be met
with repeated accusations
that mean nothing at all,
shrilly screamed and backed
up by the psyops on the screen,
the TV screen that covers
all the sins of the military-industrial
regime, and you're all on board,
sheeple turning freethinkers
into black sheep, but you own
things so you're always right,
when someone dies
it means a fight.