Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CDC Lied About MMR Vaccines, Now Owns Ebola

By Carl-John X Veraja

On August 26, 2014, this video was released, showing that the CDC can't be trusted with the treatment of disease involving disease. This isn't entirely surprising if you have a long enough memory and recall the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. A whistleblower came out,Doctor William Thompson, and stated that facts about autism risk were covered up with the MMR vaccine. Furthermore, the vaccine affects black children more often. The CDC has turned around and insisted the vaccine does not increase the risk of autism. Per the increased risk for black children:

Dr. Brian Hooker, who spoke with the whistleblower, was quick to call the CDC out.

"Race information is documented for everyone in the study," said Dr. Hooker.

Luckily for the future of mankind, the CDC owns the patent to the ebola virus, which is being termed as one of the greatest health threats in history. And there is a cure and possibly another vaccine

So, why all the deaths in Africa and the fear mongering? Are we being cajoled into taking a cure when it presents itself? Is that why the CDC is so protective of its reputation right now?

And what could the side effects and unlisted active ingredients be considering the long history Big Pharma has of using vaccines as carriers of deadly toxins?

USAID Addressing Ebola in the Wake of Espionage Charges

By Carl-John X Veraja

The first ebola case not purposefully imported into the United States was announced earlier today.  Tom Frieden of the CDC expressed confidence that the disease would not spark an American pandemic.

On Sept. 25, Business Week ran an article addressing how ebola could change the world economy. Said Frieden in this article:“it could absolutely change the way we work here. It could change the economy of the world. It could change how we assess anyone who’s traveled anywhere that might have had Ebola.” 

Dr. Frieden

On Aug. 4, The Whiteout Press noted that the CDC owned an ebola patent and could make billions off a pandemic.

Also on Aug. 4, the Associated Press ran a piece on how a USAID employee in Cuba, Joe McSpedon, had created a "Cuban Twitter" account to cause unrest there, called ZunZuneo.. The idea was to slowly build up a network existing outside the Cuban government's control of the internet there, and build it to a critical mass which would cause an uprising. Up to 40,000 Cubans were drawn in, their data taken by the American government for political purposes.

In said article: "If you're going to do a covert operation like this for a regime change, assuming it ever makes any sense, it's not something that should be done through USAID," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees USAID's budget.

Obama defended the activity and said it was not covert, only "discrete."

On Aug. 19th, Devex.com covered how USAID is handling ebola in West Africa. It was noted they are providing equipment and handling situations which may hamper efforts to contain the pandemic. The article noted there were 3 other humanitarian crises in the South Sudan, Syria and Iraq.

Syria and Iraq are also, of course, currently areas of American military strikes.

On September 30 (today) the USAID left Ecuador after 53 years, due to an unwillingness on the part of the "left wing" government run by  President Rafael Correa to allow new activities. Correa cited political concerns of possible interference by USAID backed opposition parties and interfered in oil drilling plans.

Similar concerns arose in Venezuela in 2010.

From the article : USAID subcontractor Alan Gross has been held in a Cuban prison for the past five years for delivering satellite phones and communications equipment to the island’s Jewish community. The Cuban government has accused him of spying.

Part of the USAID's mandate is to promote American interests. 

Apparently, the ownership of a patent on ebola makes victims into American property, according to a Sept. 27, 2014 in Global Research.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

ACLU Receives DOJ Response on "Sensitive Uses" of Patriot Act Section 215 FOIA

By Carl-John X Veraja

In a tweet that mentioned his request proceeded Edward Snowden's leaks by some 3 years, Chris Soghoian, Principal Technologist of ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, said he finally received some material and a letter from the DOJ. He included a link to documents obtained. They were on the subject of section 215 on the Patriot Act which allows for the FBI to seize basically anything (as in information, and possibly more) if it deems it necessary for vaguely defined purposes related to terrorism and clandestine intelligence activities.

A letter from Vanessa Brinkman, senior counsel, said the request was dated April 26, 2010, and mentioned that the National Security Division (NSD) had forwarded the request to her as of August 29, 2014.

This gave me hope that my latest FOIA will be answered in this lifetime, but moving on...

Brinkman went on to include a list of what was withheld (which courtesy was not extended to me in my FOIA to the EPA). Soghoian got 8 pages, and didn't get what was supposedly 21 pages. Ironically, some of the reasons for withholding materials included legislated concerns about invading the privacy of other parties. Some of the withheld portions were said to be drafts of a final letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein that was vouchsafed to the nosy ACLU privacy maven. In some cases, even the reasons for exclusion were required to be "discrete."

The final draft of the letter was reviewed by myself and it seems authentic as heck.

Following was an interesting letter to the recently resigning Eric Holder, dated October 5, 2009, mentioning his September 22, 2009 testimony which purportedly included expression of the Obama administration's willingness to protect American's privacy in "lone wolf" scenarios, where someone unaffiliated with a terrorist group may be subject to government surveillance. The writers of the letter further wanted clarification on the "business records" issue, and expressed vague concern about a lack of public knowledge of these sorts of proceedings. The letter was signed by John Conyers, Jr, Jerrold Nadler, and Bobby Scott.

The next letter was dated September 14, 2009. Feinstein and Christopher Bond were written to by Assistant Attorney General, Robert Weich concerning "roving wiretaps," "lone wolf" and "business records." These issues were somewhat thoroughly defined. Roving wiretaps concern individuals making apparent efforts to avoid surveillance, such as by "rapidly changing phone numbers." It was recommended that this provision be reauthorized, since suspects are suspicious.

In the "business records" section of the letter, it was also recommended that the provision be reauthorized because more security, and this meant intelligence gathering needed to align itself with criminal proceedings despite no real evidence of a crime, as long as "any tangible things" were present in some form--proceed. It was mentioned that things the congresspeople were aware of was sufficient justification, without naming names in this authentic correspondence, of course (and thank Molech for that).

The "lone wolf" also received a thumbs up, mentioning Zacarias Moussaoui, and specified this was for non-United States who engages in terrorist activities despite lack of clearly defined organizational affiliation. Weich said this had never come up, but with some imagination is was a possibility so just in case lets reauthorize it. Trends, you know.

A penmanship analyst at Nightly Citizen has Determined that this is Clearly the Signature of a Man who Was forced to Sign Many letters

Georgia Guidestones 20 14 Ashlar Smashed

The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone. - Mark 12:10

By Carl-John X Veraja

The ashlar that was recently noticed as an addition to the Georgia Guidestones was removed and smashed. Other messages were revealed in an examination before its destruction.

An attempt at decoding the stone was made in the video above. The marking on it were: MM, 16, 20, 14, 8, JAM.

It is possible the stone was a prank, but the video above indicates that this should not be written off due to the mathematical import of the messages on the block.

The maker of the video seems to believe the stone was destroyed due to the ritual being exposed, however, it could have been intended this way.

An upcoming solar eclipse  has a great deal of import to numerologists, NASA, astrologers, and Zionists. There will be a blood moon, part of a rare tetrad event, next month, as well.

Some posited that MM stood for Mass Murder, and that JAM stood for Judgment Against Mankind.

Is Dissent Becoming Illegal in the West?

By Carl-John X Veraja

David Cameron made a truly bizarre (outside of the standards of book 1984) speech about extremists in which he lumped conspiracy theorists in with terrorists. Hilariously, only conspiracy theorists would have predicted such a thing would happen, but now, when they point such a thing out, they will be accused of terrorism and possibly targeted for droning by President Obama or roundup by UN trucks, or maybe get government manufacturer ebola or anthrax mailed to them (or even worse Roundup from Monsanto). In a worse case scenario, David Cameron will shape-shift into a massive gila monster and devour them in front of a cheering crowd of British Conservatives and American Liberals, all in the name of global warming, fracking, and a totalitarian one world government that provides health care and death panels in order to produce Soylent Green while you watch a disturbing slideshow.

This doesn't appear to be a random misfire on the part of David Cameron's triune brain, but was proceeded in August by an arrest threat against British citizens that watched the photoshopped James Foley video, or who snickered when a picture fell off the wall while Foley's smirking "siblings" discussed their brother's awful desert attire. Youtube joined in on the fun and eliminated many James Foley videos.

"I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that a chip has been planted in Cameron's brain by the CIA," said Lou Saboter, our conspiracy buff. "Such as were developed by Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado and were previously used, in concert with Operation Monarch training, to control Al Gore, John Kerry, and the president of Harvard University, all in the service of Skull and Bones. Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper are both CIA, part of the current manifestation of Operation Mockingbird, and probably gas their guests routinely and replace them with prepped crisis actors, while having the original persons or replicants chipped."

David Cameron's speech may be intended to make President Obama seem almost conservative by comparison in his recent U.N. speech in which he likened his blowing up of Syrian refineries for his Zionist/Rothschild masters to an act of love and friendship. He also seemed to think that the average ebola patient shouldn't complain because they have the internet.

"You will notice a convergence of several moves by the New World Order here," said Lou Saboter. "We've got the CDC-owned ebola breaking out, we've got the Big Oil funded march on the United Nations demanding action on climate change, and we've got the war on Syria begun on 9/11 using the CIA-trained and funded ISIS as a pretext. To cop a Latin phrase from the Illuminati this is ordo ab chao--order out of chaos, or what David Icke rephrased as 'problem-reaction-solution'. David Cameron is hinting at the next level of fascism we will see in which anyone who questions the official stories put out by mainstream media will be arrested or forced into internment camps for re-education. At this point the public is in a state of trained helplessness or actually begging for the New World Order to take over, as we saw in the recent climate change marches. Since these guys work by degrees, this is either a test run at the big crackdown, or is in fact the big crackdown. We may also see a rise of tensions in Ferguson or at another hot spot in the United States produced as a pretext for martial law. Probably they will use similar tactics as we employed in the Ukraine, meaning snipers hitting both sides."

What should we do about it?

"Oh, you know, vote," said Saboter.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Koch Industries Finally Contributes Directly to Fracking Legislator, Ray Rodrigues

Ray Rodrigues at Hertz Groundbreaking

By Carl-John X Veraja

Having watched Team Frack (1) for some time now, I had wondered when Koch would finally directly submit some dough into Team Frack's coffers. They finally did add $1000 to State Representative Ray Rodrigues' campaign last month.

Direct contributions from Koch Industries are rare, but a look at their network (2) shows that the money is flowing, though the sources become obscured.

Rodrigues' campaign, like that of many Republicans running in Florida, is heavily subsidized by corporate donors. And Republicans recently defeated a proposal to stop the unmitigated flow of untraceable corporate capital into campaigns (3), which many perceive as tantamount to bribery.

Fracking has been sold to the American public as a long range source of energy and jobs, but many such predictions have already been shown to fall short, revealing that the practice will do more to bolster corporate power than add to the general wealth of the nation (4).

Rodrigues has repeatedly sponsored bills that are friendly to the fracking industry (5), and are based on the ALEC template (6).

Rodrigues has also received many thousands in donations from Big Sugar, Big Beer (distribution companies that conflict with small breweries), TECO, and Nextera (FPL) (7).


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"I am Darren Wilson" Bracelets Banned by Justice Department

In a display of solidarity, Ferguson police have been wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets, apparently in order to valorize the use of deadly force from a distance. The U.S. Justice Department has now asked Chief Thomas Jackson to stop this form of comradery, officially in writing noting that Chief Jackson had already taken action.

A letter issued by Christy Lopez, Deputy Chief of the Special Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, stated that officers had been wearing these bracelets while having black tape over their name plates earlier this week, and that it was agitating the population. The letter was careful to point out that no particular officer or department had been cited in evidence gathering. It alerted the police that the bracelets appear to foster an "us against them" mentality that was further embroiling the situation.

Protests from Tuesday were referenced. The initiating event, the shooting of Michael Brown, started protests which brought issues surrounding the militarization of the police to the public's attention. Extensive abuses of journalists, both corporate and citizen, were witnessed and captured on video and film.

According to the language of the letter, the officers could wear the bracelets while off duty.

Oddly, no officers are wearing "I am Officer Go Fuck Yourself" bracelets, despite a lack of deaths in that encounter and many laughs.